Code Mesh London is the best place in Europe for non-mainstream tech and programming languages. On 4-5 December 2013 over 50 inventors and originators of the most innovative languages and technologies of the moment shared their experience with 200 attendees. Topics included Scala, Haskell, Clojure, Erlang, Elixir, Julia and much more. See you at Code Mesh 2014!

About the talk:
Over the past couple of years we have seen F# gradually being adopted across the software industry. Whilst that adoption has been largely centred around the financial industry, F# on its own is an incredibly versatile and expressive language and enables you to solve a wide array of problems succinctly and efficiently.
This talk illustrates, with real examples, how the GameSys social team is using F# to build the backend services that supports around 1 million Daily Active Users (DAU) across its social games on both mobile and web platforms.

Talk objectives:

- Demonstrate the use of F# to write clean, concise game logic as well as infrastructure code, the same techniques and concepts can be easily applied to other domains;

- Demonstrate how F# can help tackle recurring business problems of:

* Efficiency

* Correctness

* Complexity

* Time to Market

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