They call themselves Islamic Jihadist. But in fact they proudly practice cannibalism. They decapitated toddlers. Torture innocent people who are ironically mostly Muslims with gruesome methods revived from Medieval Ages. They do all this in the name of Islam; whereas it is stated in the holy Quran that if you kill an innocent person, it is as if you have killed the entire humanity.
With the violence spreading throughout the Middle East, and Syria being in the bloody grips of Takfeeri and Wahabi groups, one questions the ideology of these ferocious killers who hunt down and brutally kill Muslims of other sects along with followers of other religions indiscriminately and all in the name of Jihad and pure Islam. One wonders whether the mere existence of these blind followers of some made up ideology is to tarnish the face of Islam.
In this movie, scholars of different Islamic sects express their views on these heinous crimes against humanity and the plots to sully the good name of Islam and its tenants.

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