An animation rig I created for a 30 second Lenovo spot that features procedural 'echoes' as well as an animatable pivot for complex mechanical movements. The rig was built to replace a preexisting echo maxscript I had written that used duplicate objects and offset keyframes. The old method was functional but required the animator to constantly bake out the echoes to adjust their timing or spacing. This new rig was designed to be animator friendly and allow full control over the echo look in real-time using Pflow Box#3

Youtube tutorial demonstrating the animatable pivot method I used for the rig:

Final Spot:

Compositing Breakdown:

MaxToFusion Script to bring the 3ds Max scene into Fusion for Compositing:

Digital Kitchen
Production Credits:
CG Supervisor - Chad Ashley
Look Development - Chad Ashley
Modeling & Texturing - Justin Reed
Camera & Layout - Todd Kumpf
Rigging & Pipeline Development - Tim Little
Animation - Todd Kumpf
Lighting - Justin Reed
Compositing - Tim Little
Editor: Nate Pence
Producer: Julie Benevides

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