Stanley Cohen Attorney and Activist. Cabaret /Kit Kat Klub /Berlin @AnonymousVideo “just for lulz”: Liza Minnelli, and Stanley Cohen Defender of Anonymous in PayPal14 case, says “Goodbye” to Pierre Omidyar (eBay / PayPal).

August 19th, 2013 at ThoughtWorks New York City: Stanley Cohen Defending the individual against the state. Speaks at Benefit for Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown: “It is about refusing to go silently unto the night. It is about refusing to bow down to the industry of silence. It is about refusing to nod your head as others tell you, not just how to live your life, but how an entire society and world should function. And on behalf of Barrett, on behalf of Jeremy, on behalf of Mercedes, Mr. Assange, Mr. Snowden, and Bradley Manning, we have a very simple, two word answer, ’Fuck you.”

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