This is my latest university installation, called "Identity". It is a short video project which is presented in a box.
Take a closer look in one different world.
"A grey card box with slot cut into the front. We hear a song (in Bulgarian) in recognisably communist style. Looking in to the box we see an older woman dressed in black, with black hair and bright red lipstick - she swaysher head slightly and smiles. There are subtitles in English, recounting a specific story from the height of communism in Bulgaria. There are headphones, and putting these on we can hear the woman's voice (translated in the subtitles), with the music still audible playing outside the box. We can recognise that she sways her head while listening to the music, and the voice is her separetely recorded monologue."

I just saw that there is visual problems with the video, probably because I directly uploaded it via FCP.

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