Taking not too serious leaps while tip toeing on the edge about everything and nothing without a point and purpose. I mean it would be nice if we really could grow forever, but what if infinite growth on a finite planet is a fairy tale? Maybe it's hard to see if you already grow at such an exhilarating speed. Nonsense facts mixed with history and a political opinion form an abstract narrative on three independent but interwoven levels. Or simply: the most schizophrenic thing I could come up with.

in depth interview about the short: dragonframe.com/blog/2014/03/motiphe-kangaroos-cant-jump-backwards/#more-9490

Director: Rafael Mayrhofer
Script: Katharina Pichler, Rafael Mayrhofer
Voice Actor: Beau Stephenson (beaustephenson.com/)
2D Animation: Katja Flachberger
Sound Design: Irad Lee (iradlee.com/), Rafael Mayrhofer

MsFF 2014
SLIFF 2014
ISFF 2014
Crossing Europe 2014
Cinema Next 2014
Simon S. IV (3rd place)

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