LuminAID is a solar powered inflatable light that packs flat and inflates to create a reusable waterproof lantern.

Our Give Light, Get Light initiative sees us give back to communities where people don't have access to a reliable source of electricity through the purchase of a Kathmandu LuminAID, an inflatable, solar powered and waterproof lantern. With the sales of our LuminAID lights, we'll send over 400 to our Community Partner, the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

These lights will be distributed to people in the Khumbu region. They are completely without power. In the evening the only form of light for families is a wood burning fire used in the home for cooking. LuminAID will make a significant difference to these families who will not only have a reliable source of light for the first time but will also enable students to do homework at night, supporting the long-term development of these communities.

Buy a Kathmandu LuminAID now and help to provide clean, safe and reusable light sources.

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