(Audible squeak)
The Two Witnesses, ARE HERE!
My name is… Daniel, and I have ANOTHER name, Jeremy. Elena don’t want to call me ‘Jeremy,’ but… my, my, fam….
I love Jesus! My family loves Jesus! Elena loves Jesus! Gabriel loves Jesus! I like Jesus! I just LOVE Him, too!
And the people DON’T love Jesus! He… They don’t! People don’t love Jesus…
But, I love Jesus!
Do you?
Yeah! My family loves Jesus!
Now everybody, LISTEN to God! Don’t listen to Satan! If you choose Satan, that’s fine; you choose God, that’s fine; you choose BOTH? NO!!!!! You can’t! You can’t cut yourself in half and go to them. You can’t!
And now… two witnesses.com (testimony of the two witnesses.com)
…is watching
And now… the two witnesses…
You obey, you go to heaven… you DON’T obey, you go to hell!
God created animals. Not demons. He created no bad stuff! He created good stuff! He created dogs and… ELEPHANTS! And He created ALL of that! …stuff.
Everyone, PLEASE listen to God!
Now, this is a song…
Now Holy Spirit of the Most High True God… ahhhhhh and, of the Most High True God.
Now, now a picture! Now this is a picture part. Take a picture! Now, this part you take a picture!
I’m doing a video!
Jeremy: Now this part you take a picture!
Of you?!
(We took a picture that will be the thumbnail.)

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