Solvent "Burn The Tables"
Official video, by Jennifer Juniper Stratford


"On New Ways — a nod to the Gary Numan song 'I Dream Of Wires' — Amm was granted access to a ridiculous arsenal of large-scale gear to experiment, pairing it with a Eurorack system (essentially a more compact modular synth). Taken by itself, the soundtrack is exploratory and wide-eyed, but most of all playful. And if Kanye West still has that industrial Yeezus itch to scratch anytime soon, he should consider sampling 'Burn the Tables,' which gets this woozy video."

"Director Jennifer Stratford took footage from I Dream of Wires and mixed the signal into a LZX Video Synthesizer and a Fairlight CVI, the vintage machine responsible for some of the effects seen in the first MTV videos."

"Burn The Tables" is taken from Solvent's "New Ways: music from the documentary I Dream Of Wires)" album, released Feb 11 2014, via Suction Records - suction026.

CD/Digital and Deluxe Vinyl (2x12" LP + 7") avail to order via:

I Dream Of Wires

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