Bossa Nova is a Brazilian music style that, simply put, is a mixture of samba with jazz, which made the samba, normally wild, sound cool and sophisticated. The most important characteristic of Bossa Nova is the way the guitar accompaniment is played. This guitar beat was invented by João Gilberto in the late 1950s.

These are the first records to feature this for that time new guitar beat. They mark the birth of the Bossa Nova music style.

"Chega de Saudade", composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim & Vinicius de Moraes in 1958.

First record: Voice by Elizeth Cardoso, guitar by João Gilberto.
Second record: Voice and guitar by João Gilberto.


Vai, minha tristeza, e diz a ela
que sem ela não pode ser.
Diz-lhe numa prece que ela regresse,
porque eu não posso mais sofrer.

Chega de saudade! A realidade é que
sem ela não há paz, não há beleza,
é só tristeza e a melancolia
que não sai de mim, não sai de mim, não sai.

Mas se ela voltar, se ela voltar,
que coisa linda, que coisa louca!
Pois há menos peixinhos a nadar no mar
do que os beijinhos que eu darei na sua boca.

Dentro dos meus braços, os abraços hão
de ser milhões de abraços, apertado assim,
colado assim, calado assim.
Abraços e beijinhos e carinhos sem ter fim,

que é pra acabar com esse negócio
de viver longe de mim.
Não quero mais esse negócio
de você viver assim.
Vamos deixar desse negócio
de você viver sem mim.

English translation by Paulo Bitencourt
[ ]:

Go, my sadness, and tell her
that without her it can't be.
Tell her in a prayer to come back,
because I can't suffer anymore.

Enough yearning! The reality is that
without her there is no peace, there is no beauty,
it's only sadness and the melancholy
that doesn't leave me, doesn't leave me, doesn't leave.

But if she comes back, if she comes back,
what a beautiful thing, what a crazy thing!
Then there are less fish swimming in the sea
than the little kisses I'll give on her mouth.

Inside my arms, the hugs will
be millions of hugs, so firm,
so tight, so quiet.
Hugs and little kisses and caresses without end,

in order to stop this thing
of you living far away from me.
I don't want this thing anymore
of you living like this.
Let's stop this thing
of you living without me.

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