Dr. Stephen Morris on Traditional Burn Treatments - Video Transcription

There are dozens of traditional treatments going all around the world, different things that people use from mud to toothpaste to butter to cold water, to ice. A couple of the more common treatments, at least here in America, are either really cold water or ice.

We have seen patients who will put the kids in snow or pack ice around the burn. That can be harmful, because that could cool not only the burn down, but the entire patient. And that can be detrimental, of course. Also, large amounts of cold water, when the water evaporates, that can result in hypothermia as well.

And so, we really like to find something that can cool locally without cooling the whole body down. BurnFree can be applied just to the area of the burn, it itself is not iced cold, but rather is room temperature, so it allows things to cool down to room temperature, where it's probably right where we want it to be.

Visit: burnfree.com

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