Last year, CCHI submitted 100% of the data required by CMS through a combination of EHR extraction and spreadsheet-based manual collection. This was no easy feat for the 25-practice, 40-physician strong ACO with over a dozen different EHR systems. This year, Frank was determined not to repeat the time-consuming and labor-intensive spreadsheet-based collection. In collaboration with CCHI's IT vendor, Clinigence, a new tool was developed and tested in a GPRO reporting simulation in October 2013. The result: hundreds of hours saved and much greater control over the process.

In this webinar, Frank shares some of CCHI's experiences from last year's reporting cycle and demonstrates how the process has been streamlined with the new tool. In the first 30 minutes, you will find answers to the following questions:
1. Is there a more streamlined option for collecting the necessary data for CMS GPRO than just using spreadsheets?
2. To what extent can I automate the data collection and submission?
3. What resources do I need to allocate for manual collection?
4. How much can I save through automating the process?
5. What are the added benefits of an automated process?

In the last 15 minutes, Frank answers questions from the audience.

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