Conceived over a random conversation between friends Ivan Madeira and Javier Penin, the idea was to film a short film about exploring the saying "when Manny fights, the world stops." The original idea looked at involving a group of children trying to find a place where they can watch the fight, and their journey trying to find somewhere to watch the fight. With Pay Per View restrictions, you either wait for a delayed broadcast to come on Cable, or you go and find somewhere that's showing the fight. The aim was during the fight, the focus would be on the people stopping, watching things slow down and all time go to zero as opposed to watching Manny fight.

However, the use of child actors changed, when on November 9, Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) the most powerful storm to hit land ever, hit the Philippines and caused an immense amount of devastation and destruction to parts of Visayas, Central Philippines.

Film maker Ivan Madeira was out in the Philippines for work and visiting family before, during and after the typhoon struck. During the weekend of the fight Ivan volunteered to go and film for VSO Bahaginan a video for the #GiveABanca campaign; where he went out with VSO Bahaginan and their partner organisations to raise money to buy fishermen new boats, so they can restore their livelihoods.

Whilst filming for VSO Bahaginan, he also managed to get to watch the fight in a local gym cum aid and relief centre in Northern Cebu. This is where the original sentiment of the film came back into play and subsequently were filmed.

Collecting all Ivan's footage from just after the Typhoon struck up until the day of the fight itself, this film aims to show that even though the people of the Philippines are 'waterproof' and resilient after such a huge disaster, when Manny fights, the people stop.

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