An excerpt from eSe Teatro's production of "eSe Oro: Classics from the Golden Age of Spain with a TWIST!". Set in the style of a 16th Century "taverna", excerpts of classical plays and text by authors of the 15th & 16th Century Spain,continuing on through modern adaptations set in The Americas. Sephartic, Flamenco, traditional Catholic and modern Latin American music are the thread that bring us into the 21st Century.
Directed by Rose Cano. Musical Direction by Meg Savlov.

This excerpt is from the play Fuente Ovejuna, by Lope de Vega, translated and Adapted by Daniel Jáquez.
Interlaced with Flamenco music, the town of Fuente Ovejuna rebels against tyranny.

Actors: eSe Teatro ensemble: Meg Savlov, Leon Reines, Laurel Paxton, Christy Cruz, Fernando Cavalo, Benito Vasquez, Carolynne Wilcox, Javonna Arriaga.

NALAC work sample viewing: view from beginning until 2 minutes 16 seconds

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