Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) presents a major new commission, Chinook, by UK artist Fiona Banner from 19 July 2014. The highly ambitious installation is given context through an exhibition of related work and is described by the artist as being the culmination of nearly two decades of her practice.

Chinook is shown in YSP’s 480m2 Longside Gallery. Wp, Wp, Wp, the onomatopoeic name of the exhibition, is inspired by the sound of helicopters as portrayed in comic books and film storyboards.

Highlighting the absence of a helicopter’s body, Chinook, is formed from two sets of helicopter blades suspended from the ceiling, rotating in opposition to one another. Hovering just above our heads as if the building were preparing for lift off, the blades are carefully choreographed and overlap giving the sensation that they might collide. The resulting installation is both mesmerising and unnerving.

Find out more at ysp.co.uk/exhibitions/fiona-banner

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