I met James for the first time in 2001 in Amsterdam at an Event called Flashforward, where I also met Amit Pitaru and Joshua Davis for the first time. Since this year I am following his work and am always happy to meet him around the world at the one or other event where we both are. 2013 he finally made it to my own little party and not only did he present a wonderful talk, but he also designed the shirt for beyond tellerrand // PLAY & MAKE. He gave me a whole sketchbook with hand drawn designs just for the shirts of my event. I am humbled by the amount of work and the time he took to make those designs for me. Huge thanks, James! And now enjoy his talk …

Title: "I Just Work Here"

What if your curiosity asked you to construct an 18 foot cone of garlic mashed potatoes? Or spend an entire year drawing nothing but flip-flops? Or electron microscope skin flakes?

I'm fascinated by how little control we have over what we like and find interesting. In my own time I try to follow my curiosity wherever it leads me. When I work for others I try to point the same curiosity at their problems and challenges.

This talk will be a guided tour of my imagination and my work/life approach.

Watch this little video to get an impression how beyond tellerrand events look like:


Talk & speaker bio:

beyond tellerrand:

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