The +Vulva Collection is an international art project of the Dutch visual artist en theater director Yvonne Beelen, which explores our relationship with the vagina all over the globe. The performance invites in an open and playful way a variety of people to create an image of a vagina in clay and to talk about their creation on film. The interview, the sculpture and a photo portrait together, form an item in this extraordinary museum collection.

This video shows Anita and her creation 'Budding Life', who is a politician in the municipality of Gouda, The Netherlands. She talks about the beauty of the vagina as a creator of life and as something private you don't talk about in public.

The vagina: normal and abnormal at the same time. It’s an unusual topic to talk about but as half of the population has one and we are all born from it, a very familiar subject matter. What makes this such an ambivalent issue? Would you like to accompany Beelen on her quest to find the answers?

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