Transmedia Portraits represent the current evolution of Abstract Expressionism. From its inception, Abstract Expressionism was developed to address the need to speak about the subconscious and inner life of people. Influenced by the theories of Freud and Jung regarding the subconscious and dreams, the Abstract Expressionists tried to express this hidden life of people through exaggerating features in two dimensional portraits. The availability of new technology in the form of portable videos has opened up a new dimension in portraiture.The Inner Life of Centaurs, which is part of the Transmedia Portraits series explores the relationship between the head and the heart in man.
The Centaur is an ancient symbol of the mind/body container. The Centaur itself is a life-size sculpture made of plaster, clay,wood and metal supports with cellphones and tablets embedded inside.The video in the head is on a cellphone.It displays a movement in the mind. The video in the chest is on a tablet and displays what is happening in the heart. As the relationship between the head and the heart is an inner one and it is constantly in movement, it is best expressed through videos.The outer body of the Centaur is covered with seashells painted gold. These shells tarnish over time to reflect the transient and artificial nature of the outer personality.
The videos shown here are two chapters which tell an evolving story. They play on large monitors behind the life size Centaur sculpture.
The awakening of the mind in "Keep In Touch" is expressed through the sunrise in the video embedded in the head of the Centaur. "Keep In Touch" addresses the need to stay in touch once the mind and the heart have awakened.The opening of the heart in "Keep In Touch" and "You Need To Get A Life" is expressed by the flower opening in the chest of the Centaur.
"You need to Get a Life" explores an obstacle to contact between the head and the heart which is expressed by obsessive thoughts in the mind which cause tension and prevent the connection being made.

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