Open the games ابدأوا الألعاب
Open the borders to Syria افتحوا الحدود إلى سوريا
Let the aid in دعوا المساعدات تدخل
Let peace begin دعوا السلام يبدأ
#Olympictruce معاهدة الأولمبياد
#Olympicpeace سلام الأولمبياد
A meme to get people to pressure john Kerry to get the UN Security Council to pass the resolution for cross border aid.

That means people at fed
Polio vaccines might work
That could help to stop the epidemic spread of polio (90k cases and carriers!). And maybe this could let peace in

Being launched to leverage the Olympic Games as Russia is the only country that is a sticking point in the resolution

300 kids dye in Syria everyday.

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