Whew! Here it is finally. This video pushed my patience and my skill set. I have learned so much. I took to heart comments from some dear friends Cindy Fear & Kristine Jackson of how heart breaking it is to watch the horrors and brutality inflicted by the so called "superior" species. So I have decided to try a different approach to raising awareness with this video that I hope will have a much more positive affect.

My goal is to expand awareness and awaken more people to the realization that we can be the change, and the more of us who awaken the stronger this evolution of consciousness will be and the faster we will all evolve. This video is a compilation documentary about dolphins. Perhaps, it will explain why I have been so passionate about saving dolphins lately, and explain why it is so important to raise awareness.

Thank you to Kye Sangha and Katie Watie for the links to articles and video. Thank you to Donna Kassewitz for the beautiful video and the work you do at SpeakDolphin. Thank you to all the reporters, videograhpers, researchers, dolphin's rights activists, and photographers who raise all of humanity up with the work you do with the dolphins. Special thank you to my husband Grady Richardson for your support and encouragement through this process.

I welcome your feedback and input. The beauty of Vimeo is that I can make changes and tweak the video and it will automatically update any shares, but will not affect anyone's comments.

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