American comic book writer, Joshua Dysart, asks for a strong, intelligent, diverse global debate on the individual vs the collective - to address humanity's integration with each other and the natural environment.

Through Josh's use of art, metaphor, and dialogue he helps to bring storytelling to a new level. Stories once limited to single dimensional reporting are shared now as mature art forms brought to life by sophisticated digital platforms connecting audiences everywhere. New levels of aesthetic integration enhance our ability to share as one global voice, one world.

In his work, Josh is known for dark themes, humanist horror and a fascination with the roots of violence. He has created work for DC Comics, Vertigo Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics and worked on high profile projects like Van Helsing, Swamp Thing, and Hellboy (with Mike Mignola.)

Dysart spent a month in the tribal war zone of Uganda for his newest work - a treatment of The Unkown Soldier for Vertigo Comics and has earned a nod from the Eisner Award committee as a contender for Best New Comic.

You can learn more about Josh's work advancing innovation in the creative industries at:

Joshua Dysart
Ohio University's Comic Book Camp on Flickr

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