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Eleve dance company:
We all try to avoid routine. Surprise and be surprised, challenge and be challenged, communicate and move. Find different places to be everyday. Get involved. Challenge gravity. This is how Élevé is born: from a challenging project which invites to dream.
Performers, actors and actresses from the prestigious companies De la Guarda and Fuerza Bruta from Argentina and Ciadehecho from Madrid are part of a creative project which pursues new dimensions.
This team gets together to create the first and unique Argentinean aerial arts company which carries out large-scale shows on buildings facades, by using architecture as a platform of expression.
Éleve thus transforms buildings in huge and elevated vertical stages which attempt to sensitize and involve the audience by movements which transmit power, energy and passion through a language of impact and poetry.
Each step given on buildings is accompanied by lighting and sounds, thus creating an environment that catches and transports the audience.
Well renowned aerial technicians on a national and international level are in charge of the mounting and security of each show.
Éleve uses homologated material and meets security standards currently in force.
Bailarines y actores de las prestigiosas compañías argentinas De la Guarda y Fuerza Bruta y la madrileña Ciadehecho se embarcan en un proyecto creativo que persigue nuevas dimensiones.
Este equipo se une para formar la primera y única compañía de danza aérea argentina dedicada a realizar espectáculos de gran formato sobre fachadas de edificios, utilizando la arquitectura como plataforma de expresión.
Éleve transforma así a los edificios en gigantescos y elevados escenarios verticales a través de los cuales busca involucrar y sensibilizar al expectador con movimientos que trasmiten potencia, energía y pasión a través un idioma de impacto y poesia.

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