Yes, that's a bizarre way to start a blog post, but If you were to take a look back over old blog posts, you'd probably notice a trend with me. I always like to call out the talented priests, & storytellers, as I love a good story. My favourite priest to date, officiated at Gemma & Craig's big day, who ticked all the right boxes, by referring to me as Stephen Spielberg. I did debate retirement after being thought of in such high regard, but i'm hoping the only way is not down, after such a reference.

In this clip, you'll notice Gemma's wedding dress hanging from a tree in her parents house, & i'd just like to note that I had nothing to do with putting it there, behind the scenes. I may be many things, but i'm not brave. Transporting a wedding dress outdoors on a windy wedding morning, is a very brave move, so brave in fact, that i'd probably prefer to run away from bulls on Spain streets instead. Some will argue that you have to take risks in life, to get better results, and I wouldn't necessarily disagree with this at all, but I wasn't as brave as the photographer on the day, to put it there. A lot of things happen by default when you shoot in documentary mode, & hanging the dress outside, really did enhance what was already a very natural sequence of Gemma getting ready with her bridesmaids, and also linked nicely to Gemma's mum's excitement of the day to come. Just something to think about for future brides of this blog. To showcase the dress, or to not showcase the dress. Do what you feel comfortable with, but donn't have it hanging in a dark room please. Small details, but big effect.

A BIG no when filming wedding days, is shooting against light, unless you want that silhouette effect created. A very emotional sequence of film, can get ruined by the inexperience of leaving the back doors of the church open. This is why I always try to get to the church ahead of time, as there is always something to challenge you, especially when trying to get settings & framing in sync for all cameras. It's not a case of turn up, and shoot. No two weddings are ever the same, especially with lighting conditions. A strong harsh light, blasted in through the main door of the church for this wedding, which would have created a very dreamy effect, if that's what I was after. Instead, I wanted to expose for the white dress, which would been been overexposed, had the doors remained open after the bridal party entrance. In the end, a very emotional sequence on film, gets protected by the simple matter of coordinating door closure, which 9 times of of ten, will get closed anyway, but here's another instance of small detail, big impact.

Anyway enough of technical stuff, & on to Gemma & Craig who make one awesome couple. Gemma got in touch from Sydney via a friends referral. I knew from that first email how relaxed they wanted their wedding to be, which is exactly the way it turned out to be. It was a day jam packed with fun, laughter, and emotion, which i've tried to replicate in their trailer. I'm sure Craig is going to get a laugh when he see's the girls making shapes, during the the wasp scene. Enjoy.

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