❖ Partner Producer - Fat Toad Farm ❖
You’ll find Fat Toad Farm down a beautiful,winding, sometimes muddy, sometimes snowy, sometimes really muddy, dirt road carving through the hills of Central Vermont. Starting out by hand milking a lovely French Alpine doe named Jupiter in their garage, seven years later they milk Jupiter's great, great, great, granddaughter Artemis and 52 of her closest caprine friends in a modern parlor.

Fat Toad Farm is run by husband and wife team Steve Reid and Judith Irving, their daughters Calley Hastings (see above!)and Hannah Reid, and two perfectly invaluable employees Katie Sullivan & Christine Porcaro. The family has spent the last seven years building a high-quality herd of Alpine milking goats and perfecting the art of caramel making.

❖ About Farmers To You ❖
Farmers To You is a partnership of families and farmers who feed and support each other. Our most urgent question is, "Who is feeding your family?"

Through weekly deliveries of fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, grains and more, Farmers To You offers a bridge between the bountiful gifts of dedicated farmers and the needs of busy families.

The food you want, from farms you trust, delivered each week, all year long.


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