Fikapojkarna went on a trip to Morocco a couple of weeks ago. Since some of us have been living down there did it feel really good come back home, meet all the nice people down there and enjoy one of the best surf spots in the world, Taghazout.

Lapoint Surf Camp ( were really friendly and took us in. Love that place. You get the perfect mix of super keen people while staying in a nice accommodation.
It was really a time of reflections we needed, so Morocco was a fact=)

We were almost ten fikapojkar on this trip so you can imagine that we had an awesome trip. Hope you guys like it!

Surfers / Fikapojkar : Linus Eliasson, Sebastian Kjellström (mr.lapoint), Pontus Johansson, Tomas Pettersson, Jens Abrahamsson, Mattias pettersson, Nicklas Eliasson, Nick Holmgren, Per Bengtsson, Peter Gereny, Jocke Dreimanis.

Filmers: Fika Productions + Mattias Pettersson & Jens Abrahamsson

Voice - Nick Holmgren
Story - Victoria Palm

Music: Alt J - Taro

Much Love
/ Fikapojkarna

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