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"Do it now!"
Traditional; Lyrics: Stef Kamil Carlens/Nic Balthazar; Arr: Keruna
Used with permission
2012 Climate Campaign Call for immediate environmental action on a global level.

We're on a planet
that has a problem.
We've got to solve it, get involved
and do it now now now.
We need to build a better future
and we need to start right now!

Sing for the Climate was a big singing manifestation that took place on 2012 September 22 and 23. The goal was to sing the same song with as many people as possible. In Belgium we were 80.323 people. These singing moments took place in more than 150 Belgian places. Every Sing for the Climate was filmed. All these films together were edited by Nic Balthazar in one big clip. The next step was to get this clip to politicians, to show them that many people demand direct action against climate change, and that many are worried about the planet.

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