Morpheus, Halcyon Days & The Forked Road of Choice:
A brand new Beginning or the same old End? - July 06 - 2013

James Horak interviews Crystal Clark to discuss her recent treatise regarding the Sacred Science. With special emphasis on the hidden history of mankind's self-destructive past(s) and our current repetition of the patterns that ultimately led to those cataclysms, few stones were left unturned in this immersive, pointed and engaging discussion:

• Acquiring extra-information through dreams (Morpheus)

• Walter Russell, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus

• The risks of leaving records behind for the next civilization

• Hidden/suppressed archeological discoveries and anomalies would tell the truth

• Previous cataclysms caused by misuse of technology via elitist mindsets

• Weaponization of natural systems and genocide

• Catastrophic Biosphere & Biodiversity Collapse

• The public has purposefully been set up to fail and take the blame

• Manufactured lack turned into personal guilt

• Greed and planned obsolescence (of products, living things AND people)

• Depopulation as a counter to an awakening public

• Surveillance and data collection: Invasion of privacy and emotional/psychological manipulation

• Data-mining and Artificial Intelligence

• People perish for lack of knowledge—participate in their own demise through ignorance

• Billions of people want an abundant, free and peaceful future (Halcyon Days)

• Emulating and honoring the wisdom of Nature's balanced interchange system

• Freedom to fully explore individual creative potential and free will

• Overcoming imbalance/split-consciousness with moral integrity

• Taming the ego allows for individual uniqueness to become a cultural benefit for everyone

• Non-violent models of change: balancing the desire for peace with the changes necessary to ensure it

"Humanity once again stands at a most important fork in the road; a moment exhilarating and exasperating, liberating and terrifying—may we have the wisdom and moral fortitude to choose the path of countless wonders."
--Crystal Clark, June 3, 2013

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