Here is a simple preparation and presentation of Korean style beef and kimchi tacos. These can be thrown together in about forty minutes, including the time to let the top round steak marinate. Give it a try!
Marinade is as follows:
1/4 cup of soy sauce - 1T sugar - 1 inch minced fresh ginger - 1 splash of kimchi juice
you need,
1 top round steak, (or whatever cut floats your boat) 1 handful of kimchi, a few green onions, and corn tortillas.
Easy, cheap and delectable. Enjoy!
Thanks to J Gantz for his studio quality cooking arrangement and sharp photography.
Thanks to Nick Varisano for his song, 'Alchemy' and to Osage Orange for playing it so nicely.
Aside from the time-lapse at the end, this was shot entirely with a Cannon 5d Mark II

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