The Journey to Suryagarh (Official Trailer to Anika & Vijay's Wedding Film)

From the creators of “A Boy’s Dream” and “A Written Promise” comes an epic film that will take you on a journey through the Thar Desert and into a land known as the Golden City. There, Anika and Vijay will find Suryagarh, a palace where they will celebrate their love with friends and family as they indulge in their culture and traditions.

Produced by

Cinematography by
Riccardo Marrone
Francesco Giannini
Vighnesh Shinde
Kunal Mohite

After Effects by
Peter Lavender

"Empyrea" performed by Jo Blankenburg courtesy of Position Music
Music license provided by

Filmed in Jaisalmer, India between October 1-7, 2013

Cameras used: Canon 5dmk3, Canon 5Dmk2 & Canon 60D

"This was by far the furthest and most exotic location Marrone has ever gone to shoot a wedding! We were so honoured that Anika and Vijay chose us cover their wedding in such a beautiful place, they were such an amazing couple to film for. Francesco and I worked around the clock to get the shots you see in this trailer, but we could've have done it without the help of Vighnesh and Kunal, our Indian sidekicks! We had a great time, learned so much, made new friends and it was an experience that will never be forgotten. We hope you enjoy this teaser as much as we enjoyed putting it together!"

Riccardo Marrone
Marrone Films

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