'Getting Wound Up' is both a personal response to the exhibition title 'Goin' Round the Wrekin', and an exploration into film medium’s ability to provide tension and relief for the viewer through a simple experimental narrative.

To date, the artist has predominantly made use of found footage from mainstream cinema to illustrate the psychoanalytic effect of films on the viewer. However, she is now taking a different approach to cinema’s capabilities by obtaining her own original material, and exploiting it’s affect on the viewer through the combination of image, sound, installation and the positioning of the spectator.

With this short video of guitar strings being tightened until they snap, Sophie Bullock is exploring the ability of the moving image and sound to lead the viewer through a loose narrative that is inspired by the the ‘edge of my seat’ association with cinema; built on anticipation, frustration and the need for release.

The video was screened at exhibition 'Goin' Round the Wrekin', Stryx, Birmingham (2014).

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