Desillusion Magazine proudly presents “Creatio Ex Nihilo”
A film by ourCaste

"We moved through the hot afternoon sun. Dry grass crunched underfoot and Zach carried a bucket, broom and a bottle of water. His eyes moved over the nearby houses. He turned to me, "Are the neighbors cool?" I nodded. We'd skated the pool before and hadn't been bothered. I think that the neighbors knew we pumped out the mosquito-infested water and kept the place clean so...Why bother us?"

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Filmed by Sterling Foxcroft, Tyler Nelson and Mark Underwood.
Edited by Sterling Foxcroft.
Featuring: Zach Miller, Jimmy Wilkins, Josh Stafford, Daniel Vargas, Sam Beckett, Brad McClain and Austin Calvello.
Special Thanks: Ozzie Ausband, Blue Tile Obsession, Brooks Sterling and ourCaste.

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