A visual instrument for creating and controlling organically moving particles with a swarm behaviour.
During the 'Visual Synthesisers' Workshop by Ludwig Zeller in February 2014, Cyrill and I took Daniel Shiffman's 'Flocking' Sketch as basis for creating a visual instrument. The swarm behaviour was changed, the visual style and shape were matched to the music, a trail effect was added and mostly the code was adapted to be controllable with rotary knobs and push buttons - based on the Arduino platform with Firmata applied. The resulting live perfomance was captured on the video above.
Academy of Art and Design Basel
Visual Communication Institute / The Basel School of Design
Music: Amon Tobin - Lost&Found
Behance - behance.net/gallery/14450245/Swarm-Synthesizer
Pictures from the Workshop - flickr.com/photos/ludwigzeller/sets/72157640928161744/
'Flocking' Example Sketch - processing.org/examples/flocking.html
Daniel Shiffman - shiffman.net
Ludwig Zeller - ludwigzeller.de
Firmata - firmata.org/wiki/Main_Page
Processing - processing.org
Arduino - arduino.cc
2014 / fhnw.ch/hgk/ivk

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