When you walk into a dealership you’re not looking for much; Just someone who’ll respect your intelligence with straight answers to your questions, a sales process that’s clear and uncomplicated, and the assurance that the deal you’re after will be the same after you’ve had some time to mull it over as it is when it’s offered. Unfortunately, that’s a bit much to ask when you walk into a dealership… Unless that dealership is Acton Toyota.
You see, at Acton we stand by a promise that under our roof, what you get is simple, honest, guaranteed.
Simple, because no matter who you talk to, you’re gonna get the same answers to the same questions every time… without hassle or pressure.
Honest, because whichever department you’re dealing with, you’ll be treated with courtesy and respect. That means no fine print or hidden fees.
Guaranteed, because when we commit to a price, we honor it; so you can rest easy knowing you’ll pay exactly what you were quoted--today, tomorrow, or sometime down the road.
So stop by Acton Toyota to experience a little Simple, Honest and Guaranteed for yourself. Or visit us online at

Written and Directed by Chad Carlberg

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