Anna Chan:
A Russian cult leader has been hospitalized with serious head wounds. Eleven of his followers remain holed-up in a bunker. They're waiting for the end of the world which they say will happen this month or next.

Pyotr Kuznetsov a Russian cult leader inspired his followers to hide in a bunker to wait for the end of the world. That was five months ago. Well he is now out, and in hospital with serious head wounds. But 11 of his followers are still in the bunker.

The self-styled Prophet started out with 35 followers in the bunker. But over the past week 24 of them came out. They say rain has caused the structure to start caving in. Yesterday local officials and some of those who left the bunker tried to persuade the remaining 11 to leave as well.

Kuznetsov did not rejoin his followers in the bunker as he said God had given him other work.

Both the spokeswoman for the Governors office and the hospital won't say what caused his injuries.

He has been undergoing court-ordered psychiatric treatment.

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