THE SHINING theme tune performed and arranged by Nabil Shaban

inspired by Wendy Carlos original creation for Stanley Kubrick's 1980 movie THE SHINING

It was in 1969 when Nabil first heard the electronic music of Wendy Carlos (then known as Walter Carlos)

It was one of the tracks on a 1960s music compilation album "Rock Machine - I Love You"

Walter Carlos "Brandenburg Concerto No. 3" blew Nabil's mind

And then in 1973, Nabil fell in love with W. Carlos fantastic brilliant musical creations for
Stanley Kubrick's "CLOCKWORK ORANGE"

Video Created by Nabil Shaban

This video also refers to the crime novel, "The Ripper Code", by Nabil Shaban.


Max, a little disabled man in a wheelchair, seems to be a nice respectable civil servant, whose job is to help the unemployed find work.

Except, he has a problem... he is addicted to sex...and so goes out every night, curb-crawling the Red Light areas of London, to pick up a prostitute...or two, spending nearly all his wages.

Another thing about Max... he fancies himself as a detective, and believes he has discovered the Ripper Code which has lead him to the true identity of Jack the Ripper.

But now Max's addiction to prostitutes has got him into trouble, not only with the police but also with a serial sex killer of prostitutes, who turns out to be a copycat of the bygone Jack the Ripper. Max has to employ the Ripper Code to try to identify and catch the new Whitechapel murderer before he kills again...again...again.

2008 was the 120th anniversary of the Whitechapel Murders in 1888. Nabil Shaban's new novel in 2008, "The Ripper Code" is a timely reminder that nothing has changed.

"...a wild mixture of good humoured banter, bloodthirsty murder, bizarre plotting and uncomfortable unusual book in that it doesn't ask itself to be taken at all seriously while doing some in-your-face things...." - Bill Hamilton, A.M. Heath, literary agents

ISBN-13 978-0-9548294-2-1

Sirius Book Works publishing

Order "The Ripper Code" from your local bookshop, quoting the ISBN number 978-0-9548294-2-1

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