Primal Youth tells to story of a group of children being fed the ideologies of past generations. The effects, images, and audio editing all are meant to mirror the tactics used in indoctrination. The audio is cavernous and spacious to provide the audience a feeling of isolation while using the voices of elders are used to assert the hierarchy of power in the primal youth’s world. Repetition, just like isolation, is integral in the process of brainwashing and is shown through the methodically paced and overlaid inter titles. Disorientation of time is induced through jarring jump cuts of sunrises and cloudscapes only to be reversed into the opposite direction, and blooming flowers attacking the screen from every side accompanied by platitudes read by omniscient seers. The images themselves are natural juxtaposed against the grainy imp-like children scenes. The experiences of the primal youth are allegorical to this meta-experience of the audience. When all is said and done youth react by taking down one of their own. All that is left is the rotating earth, and the question as to what the goal of the indoctrination was. Maybe turning the primal youths on themselves was the mission all along.
Nature Complete:
Don’t Kill Your Friends:
One Got Fat:
Secrets of Ancient America:
Telling Your Religious Story:

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