Here's a virtual movie of a recital of a World War Two Poem by Wing Commander Dennis McHarrie "Luck" which he wrote in honour of one of his comrades in arms who was killed in a defective plane which he nearly took out himself. The poem Deflates the humbug surrounding Heroism and War. Today we get the same old lie served up as the media and politicians try to persuade voters that state sponsored mass murder under the banner of war has any merit, alas today's conflicts involving British soldiers have more to do with greedy arms dealers and the ego's of easy come easy go politicians than fighting a menacing dictator like Hitler.

I can find virtually nothing of a biographical nature about Wing Commander Dennis McHarrie or any photos of him so in his absence I have used the image of a brave WW2 British infantry soldier Gordon Allenby Cowell BEM 1941/42 whom risked life and limb to rescue a downed Spitfire pilot so maybe not a flyer himself and because his photo animates rather well he is our stand in reciter of this fine War poem.

A pilot's life is saved
On the morning of 7 August 1941, Lance Corporal Gordon Cowell of the 5th Royal West Kent Regiment, 12th Battalion, was putting up railing defences in Sandwich, Kent.
In the distance he could see a Spitfire coming over the Channel towards the coast, losing altitude fast. The plane had been shot up by an Me109 over France. Unable to keep the plane up any longer, the pilot crashed it through the railings, landing in a minefield and setting off a mine. The wingtips ignited.
L/cpl Cowell, followed by his sergeant, William Chick, headed towards the minefield. People were standing by the railings, shouting, 'Don't go in there, you'll get blown up,' but the only thought they had was to reach the stricken pilot and get him out.
They reached the smouldering plane, and after a struggle with the pilot's straps, got him out of the cockpit. The soldiers could see his leg was badly injured. They carried him back over the minefield and when they got back to the railings, the Spitfire blew up. They hoisted the pilot over the railings to the helpers on the other side, who laid him on the beach until the ambulance came. L/cpl Cowell and Sergeant Chick were awarded medals for their bravery.

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