The Premise

Ever wonder who Tony was
or is.
or where he's at now.
he made it over.
To our side.

I'd describe this thing as a Capote (in cold blood) cross fictionalizing reality.
By accident I feel Tony Robbins (cult-ish new age religion figure head) works as
Tony - the imaginary friend. Not just namesake (which is beautiful) but conceptually it
works. Combined and contrasting highlight's a certain absurdity plus the rise of N.A.Rs
(new age religions). Semi spiritual, psychoanalytic, holistic movements grounded with a little
scientific validity. Still it holds the model of a Cult or Coercive group.
A followed / empowered figure head glorified because of perceived access to mystery or
revelation. Simply put > on the (only) phone with god.
With Money (and more empowerment) you too can use this phone.

It's all deception thru image. Why maybe this irk's an Artists soul.

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