Alex Grey's talk on the importance of visionary art presented at Fractal Nation dome at Burning Man festival in 2012.

Music: "Ripple Effect" by Phutureprimitive from the album Kinetik

Featured Artwork:
Alex Grey – “Adam and Eve”, “Birth”, “Nursing”, “Dying”, “Pregnancy”, “The Kiss”, “Praying”
Allyson & Alex Grey – “Stardancers”
Amanda Sage –"Orphic Awakening", "Body", "Spirit", "Ana-Suromai", "Regeneration"
Andrea Tseng – "Traveler"
Andrei Olenev – "Tentacle", "Bowl of Fractals"
Android Jones – "Dharma Dragon", "Union", "Monarch Dragon"
Carrie Ann Baade – "The Butterfly Lovers"
Jesse Noemind – "Alchemical Equations"
Jessica Perlstein – "G-ayanized Goddess"
Juan Carlos Taminchi – "Canto Al Colibri", "Illuminacion"
Kathryn KA June – "Communion"
Kati Astraeir
Luke Brown – "Jesterrestial", "Cosmicology", "Yamantaka", "Lightspeak"
Mark Henson – "Paintbrush Warrior"
Matt Elson – "The Infinity Box"
Michael Divine – "The Glass Onion"
Rachel Mandala – "As We Go", "Pillars of Creation"
Radhika Hersey – "Embrace"
Steven Eye - "Woman Warrior" Sculpture

Text from the presentation

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