First: Credits.
Music: "Stars Collide" of the talented Josh Woodward from

Well, I've been practicing painting a lot recently, which comes along better and better with each image, but not at all as good as I want to get.
This one is more of a Comic Style (Manga) Drawing, which actually is pretty much my comfort zone and does come along way better and faster than my painting studies.
I've always been deeply in love with the music from the 10s, 20es, 30es and 40es and was listening to a playlist on Spotify full of various versions of Fly me to the moon when the image hit me. I just had to draw it!

So, here's the making of "Fly me to the moon" - the image. Enjoy and feel free to share if you like it!

You can see the image on my still pretty empty Behance Portfolio:

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