Valley of Death: Surviving the journey from idea to product

Turning your idea into a successful product can be a long and hard journey. How do you avoid getting lost? What can you do if you find yourself alone in the dark? Join us to learn how experts navigate the Valley of Death.

2:27 | Richard Shifreen introduction
5:00 | Valley of death introduction: Gravestones and zombies
8:28 | How do you end up in the valley of death? Founders, money, technology and conflict
14:30 | How can we avoid the valley?
15:11 | Financial management: The difficulties and complexities to raising funds
19:49 | Venture deals book: "The only thing we know about financial predictions of startups is that 100 percent of them are wrong."
22:25 | Helpful hints: Assemble the correct resources, have "skin in the game", take advantages of free services
25:16 | Effective planning - Focus on regulated products
28:00 | Proactive execution - Know what you need to accomplish today, this month and this year
30:25 | Concluding advice to avoid the valley of death

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