SYNOPSIS: So many people who have some ability to understand prophecy are speaking about, the coming 4 Blood Moons. What do they mean, what are their purposes? If you are a gentile who says that love Jesus and do not keep the same Holy days He still does, you cannot even begin to fathom the profound implications of HIS signs and wonders. Yehovah is doing everything He possibly can to get us ready for the next chapters of the book of Acts are you ready?

SECTION 1: FOR ZION’S SAKE I WILL NOT KEEP SILENT. The job of a true follower of the Jewish Messiah Yeshua is to speak the truth no matter what the cost. If you knew that the Titanic was going to sink before it sailed and your family, friends, people who you really like we’re going to be on the boat. What would you do to warn them? What would you do to get the information to them even if you lived extremely far away? Well we are the ones on that tragic boat. Spiritually the world has hit the iceberg! Are you unaware of the catastrophic trouble happening below your feet? Of the frigid water you are about to be thrown into? The extremely painful death of freezing and drowning about to happen? Are you rearranging furniture on the deck of the Titanic as the ship sinks or are you looking for solutions to fix this terrible problem?

SECTION 2: THE PURIM PROPHECY. We will see how Yehovah prophecies the Nazi Nuremberg trials of 1947-47. We will see a pattern emerge that should be noted for the blood moons and each time they have happened. We will see how once again Purim is happening before our eyes and once again the world is asleep.

SECTION 3. THE BLOOD MOONS. When did they happen in the ancient past? When did they happen in the resent past? When are they going to happen in the VERY NEAR future? What specific days on Yehovah calendar did they fall and will fall again? Do they foretell of the something Great and terrible?

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