The Penn Center for AIDS Research (Penn CFAR) seeks applications to the pilot program offered through its Developmental Core. Proposals regarding any aspect of HIV/AIDS clinical care, epidemiology, virology, immunology, structural biology, vaccine development, or prevention are considered relevant to the goals of the Developmental Core.
The CFAR is especially interested in proposals that bridge programmatic areas and, in particular, those that bridge clinical investigators with basic or behavioral scientists. Proposals are encouraged that address:
*HIV and Viral Hepatitis co-infection (with broad focus spanning basic, clinical, behavioral)
*HIV and Substance Use
*Strategies targeting HIV Eradication, HIV Reservoirs and Residual Inflammation
Visit: for more info
Table of Contents
0:00 - Introduction, Pablo Tebas, MD
16:35 - Clinical, Robert Gross, MD
21:05 - International, Harvey Friedman, MD
27:00 - Viral / Molecular, Ron Collman, MD
33:25 - Immunology, Jim Riley, PhD
37:08 - Behavioral and Social Sciences, David Metzger, PhD
48:25 - Biostatistics and Data Management, Sarah Ratcliffe, PhD
52:20 - Nonhuman Primate, James Hoxie, MD
59:15 - Application Overview, Luis Montaner, DVM, DPhil

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