Part 2 of my videos showing how I work with the Odyssey 7Q. The vid also shows how I download the files to my Macs and the hardware used for this. As well as how I transport the Odyssey and care for the SSDs.

The new 4" hood is shown as well as the light stand mounting system and the desktop systems, there are a few variations of this. I also show how my Metabones adapter and EA3 adapter shims work with my FS700 kit. I also show my 15mm rail system and some comments on what I like for matte box and FF, and how to mount them as well as a demo of my favorite lens for the FS700 the canon 24-70 f2.7 L V1.

Once again this is a quick and dirty video, not very pro, sorry about the bad audio. Time restraints, we are having a very busy winter.

If you notice the FF wiggle the rails in some of the shots, it is because I did not tighten the rails properly to the base plate adapter, it really is rock solid if tightened. I guess I was in a rush to get everything demoed and we did not notice the slight wiggle until reviewing the vid on our 50" plasma.

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