A rather still video of the Sredney Gavan Rear Range Lighthouse as it stands out on the frozen Baltic Sea. The faint light of the lighthouse can sometimes be made out as it flashes in rapid secession. I made this video from the eastern bank of Kronstadt island underneath the Kronstadt Lighthouse. Just to the right of the framed scene lays a crushed ice field where pilot ships escort massive cargo ships through the icy waters towards Saint Petersburg.

The clouds slowly crawl across the sky and and birds sneak in cameos from time to time almost hidden by the texture of the ice in the foreground.

The audio was consists of the original recording from the video where you can hear the birds chattering and occasionally ice cracking coupled with a track composed for the video. A version of this track will appear on an album which will be released on stasisfield.com in March 2014.

This video was created as part of my time as Artist in Residence at the National Center for Contemporary Art in Kronstadt, Russia (Saint Petersburg) in the beginning of 2014.

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