The radically new user interface for TYPO3 5.0

This video shows the radically new visions for the user-interface and concept of the TYPO3 5.0 backend and frontend. Those had been shown the first time to a broader public audience at the TYPO3 conference 2009 in Frankfurt. Responsible for the innovative new interface and concepts behind TYPO3 5.0 are the three well known interface designers & concept architects Jens Hoffmann, Björn Brockmann and Rasmus Skjoldan.

Two of them, Jens & Björn, are in the Video and doing the presentation about the new user interface and the strategic concept by introducing some visual details everybody has been waiting for several years already. But the projects for a new User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) for TYPO3 5.0 are still in an early phase, this means some details could still change in the future. Here you can see some details of the general concept, based on detailed wireframes (not real designs), which should be used for all the possible new frontend and backend modules in the future.

The main goals for the new interface and concept are a mostly self explaining, but "hidden" UI and a UX as comfortable as technically reasonable, in combination with the known powerful scalability and flexiblity of previous TYPO3 versions. In our eyes it is also very important for TYPO3 to keep the "soul" of our "baby" alive. This project aims for a very simplified concept and modern look & feel for the next major version of TYPO3.

On this page you can also find some unpublished internal secrets and very raw sketches of the futuristic visions for the upcoming TYPO3 versions. They should give you a first impression of some ideas behind TYPO3 5.0. Just to make things clear, nothing in those sketches is meant to be final, it's an early experimental state, but it is exclusive content and gives you an inside view of the creative work behind this new UI and UX.

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