It’s a tabula rassa…
that’s latin for blank slate

It’s what that first sales call always is…
You begin … at ground zero.
But as you build relationship,
over a cup of coffee,
you start to see the challenges they face
and they start to see how your solution meets their needs

It’s all about filling in the blanks
Helping them connect the dots
of how you can help their business

And it’s where tablets are as a sales platform
It’s a tabula rassa
Or a blank slate as well

But once you’ve held a tablet in your hand, you know it. It’s a device made to to bring life to solution selling. The hard-to-show pitch becomes a delight to share story that connects hearts and minds to your solution.
A sales tablet app can take the value of relationship
and express it in more sales

And that’s where TabRassa comes in.

We’re the company that helps businesses tell their story in the most compelling way on iOS and Android tablets.

Today's sophisticated buyer of sophisticated solutions —
is looking for a sophisticated story to pull them in.  

TabRassa is your partner to blend the art of brand marketing with the genius of sleek technology.

For you, it will be a tabula rassa no more. Your blank slate will be full
It’s TabRassa.
It’s tablet storytelling to sell more

Learn more at

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