3 tracks from "Choose Your Masques" 1982

This is 1 of the first videos I made and shows me doing something we should all do to make this world a far better place, not sure why I haven't already reuploaded this, I think I was thinking I needed to remake it after a trip to my local library and taking out my full 10 allowed of the dodgiest ones. I would take the barcode bits off so I could then return them as a bag of ash with the codes attached. My defense in court would be on the lines that those books were criminal items as they instilled hatred and violence in the name of "Dog".

We all need to burn the worse books first - that is the ones that try to tell people what to do, the ones that claim to be fact when really they are pure fiction dressed as history etc that is they are propaganda HYPNOTIZING the week willed into doing bad things to make the rich richer at the evil ones in power stay in power !!!
I don't really have a problem with fiction those rank alongside art as just another distraction, yes something perhaps we would all be more in the here and now without but as it stands generally a force for the good as they are about soul communication - but having said that certain authors as illustrated in this video produce such utter rubbish their works should indeed be burnt.
The 3rd class of book is "Maps" - technical details of the universe as nailed down by people these too like fiction eventually need to go but we need to do it in the right order - freeing the shelves of all the bullshit is necessary before we can (re) loosen this reality back to it's natural fluid state by destroying all the maps and then the fiction will have to go last.

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