A 4 minute interview with Chris Saad. Chris is known most for his work on Dataportability. The initiative to use existing technologies and standard to make your (social) data portable.

In this 5th episode of Learning from the future Chris names the three trends he sees will be most talk about: Dataportability, mobile & personal relavance. He ends with what he sees coming in 10 years. It all comes down to Augmented reality as he sees it.

More about Chris Saad
- His Dataportability initiative dataportability.org/
- His company faradaymedia.com/
- His blog chrissaad.wordpress.com/
- His Linkedin profile linkedin.com/in/chrissaad
- His Twitter twitter.com/chrissaad

This Learning from the Future is the fifth episode of a interview series with people known for their forward thinking. Inspired by the book Theory U and started at Le Web 3 2007 in Paris.

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