This video is a behind the scenes look at the creation of the photographic story ALIVE, about survivors of a plane crash in wilderness Alaska. The series can be seen here:

Backstory: On March 15, 2013 two geologic researchers from Fairbanks, Alaska were flying over the interior when a flock of geese smashed their windshield and forced a crash-landing in the Yukon-Tanana Wilderness. The pilot managed to prevent a catastrophic landing but died from crash wounds, leaving a severely injured man and surviving woman alone in the vast wilderness region. With the onset of late-season cold front and a search area of tens of thousands of acres, there is little prospect of finding the crash site.

This is the photographic sequence that Kiliii Fish recently created. With the help of friend and art director Lindsey Watkins, Kiliii presents Alive— a story that’s impossible to capture in a documentary fashion, yet is heavily grounded in realism.

Video Footage: Dalton Green, Casey Nation and Colton Running

Art direction: Lindsey Watkins, Kiliii Fish
Special FX and Prosthetics: Shawn Shelton
Wardrobe Styling: Deb Tudor
Hair and Makeup: Lindsey Watkins
Prop Styling: Mandy Kehoe
Casting: Samara Lerman
Photo Assistant: Dalton Green, Casey Nation and Colton Running
Talent: Alyssa Kay, Andy Gregory
Special Thanks to: Jeff Chang, Tina Yaw

Photo series can be seen at

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